Reverse Harem is the Hottest New Trend in Romance

The Hot New Trend in Romance

Reverse harem romance relationships feature one woman to three or more men. The men love and support, defend and delight the lead female whether she’s a queen, a high school student, or a survivor of the apocalypse. These relationships are deep, committed, and for life, not a sexual free for all. For the fans of reverse harem, this commitment is the primary appeal. Heat levels vary widely, ranging from sweet, young-adult romances to more explicit stories.

Unlike many other romance-novel subgenres, reverse harem is categorized by the quality of the relationships rather than the setting. Reverse harem stories can be contemporary, paranormal, science fiction, or even post-apocalyptic romances, as long as the romance is between one woman and three or more men.

The shape shifter story is particularly popular because the pack structure transfers easily to the reverse harem formula. In these new stories, rather than having a strong male alpha in charge, the heroine is the leader of the pack, and the pack is her harem.

reverse harem paranormal romance

Reverse Harem romance

In ALL THAT GLITTERS, by Dana Lyons and New York Times bestselling author Margo Bond Collins, two shape shifter packs of survivors drop their rivalry to close ranks and defeat an overwhelming force determined to tear their world apart. When Jasper, Alia’s love, is kidnapped by raiders, she sets out to rescue him, but discovers she needs help. Meanwhile, pack-leader Zina wants a safe haven to raise children. Together they penetrate the Federal Reserve in Manhattan in order to defeat their enemy. What the raiders don’t count on is the power of love—particularly when it’s supported by the women’s reverse harems.


All That Glitters. Dana Lyons and Margo Bond Collins.

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