Shifters who love and protect their mates. Women who don’t have to choose.

This reverse harem paranormal romance anthology is from New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling and debut authors. Fall in love with these stories about strong women and the alpha shifters who love them, from dragons to wolves, and more. These heroines never have to love just one hero.

Never Let Go by Dana Lyons is the prequel to All That Glitters, by Margo Bond Collins and Dana Lyons.
Zina, the dark-haired alpha female with her mates, Zach, Regan, and Colin survive and thrive in the horrors of post-apocalyptic New York City.









A Shifter Reverse Harem Series
Book 1

FBI Special Agent Dreya Love prefers to work alone. But when her friend, a senator’s daughter, is killed, she’s forced to partner with Detective Rhys Morgan, or get assigned to ‘the backside of hell.’ More deaths with bodies matching their first victim brings Interpol Agent Quinn Kingston to the team.

As their investigation uncovers a secret genetic research program, a government cover-up, and a warning to ‘walk away,’ the case turns deadly.

The hunt for a killer, a boutique drug, and an unearthly ingredient unite these three in ways they couldn’t imagine. Soon, they discover the truth leads to a hell they never knew existed.
DREYA LOVE ticks … like a bomb.

Dana Lyons combines the hottest trend in romance—reverse harem—with shape shifting and crime solving, to deliver a smart and sexy adventure with a double dash of the unexpected!






Royce McNeill’s training has prepared him for much. He knows no power greater than love exists in all the universe. But not even the cryptic warning from Master Chan is enough to steady him when the winds of karma come calling. A plane crash, a journey, a quest to see if his heart is strong enough to bring him back to Alex…

On the other side of the world, Alexandra McNeill is about to go on a journey of her own. Her soul has always danced to the same energy song as Royce, and now it’s up to her to use that connection to find him. Across time and distance, from Ireland to California and temples to castles, the mission begins to save themselves—in order to save all.








reverse harem paranormal romance


Years ago, the elite of Earth escaped the apocalypse, taking to the stars, expecting everyone left behind to perish in nuclear war and its aftermath.

Instead, those who survived developed new abilities–especially the shape shifters and their pack-bonded mates who communicate telepathically with the help of gold. Unfortunately for them, Earth’s colonies remembered the gold left behind and have returned.

When one of alpha-leader Alia’s mates is taken by a raiding ship searching for gold, she vows to get him back no matter what it takes. Even if that means teaming up with her pack’s greatest rival.

But none of that matters any longer.

Gold. Everything is about the gold now.

And rescuing the ones who’ve been stolen away.






What’s in your heart?

He longed for someone he’d never even met.

For lone-wolf archeologist Eric Beck, love has always been out of reach–a part of him he knew was missing–yet he never knew where to look. But on an unexplored hill near Stonehenge, something calls to him . . . someone calls to him. And on that day of the summer solstice, his entire existence changes.

To love him would set an unthinkable destiny in motion.

She was Aydyn. Powerful. Beautiful. Druae. Living long before Eric’s time, she was bound by sacred duty to see through a prophecy that could mean the end of her people. With Eric’s arrival through the stone circle, a passion is unleashed–a love written in the stars by destiny, and designed to reveal the fate of the Druae.

“Dana Lyons has woven a fascinating cast of characters from two worlds into an intriguing tale of love and duty… A wonderful time-travel that brings together destiny-crossed lovers and an ancient tribe in an intriguing way.” RITA award-winning author, Dianna Love Snell






A modern tale of ancient love, magic and betrayal

She is warned, “Two men will arrive from your past: one bears deceit; one brings love.”

Archeologist Phoenix Donovan scoffs at the mysterious warnings given to her by a psychic during a tarot card reading. But the words of the psychic begin to ring true when she receives an envelope marked with the Feather of Maat, and a visit from Egyptian national, Asa Ducaine. With the offer of a job of a lifetime, Phoenix travels to an ancient, pristine site near Egypt that dates back to 8,000 B.C.E.

Why is she here? Why does it all seem so familiar? Why is she afraid?

After ten days in a coma, Max Parrish awakens with memories of a past life and a woman he has to find at all cost. Driven beyond reason to the sands of northern Africa, he comes face to face with a love he couldn’t have imagined, along with a dark and deadly magic that could destroy more than just their lives.
Are second chances possible?







An artifact many have died for
An adventure that could change the world

In the heart of London’s elite social scene, Madelyn Fox has obtained an ancient artifact that could change humanity’s view of science, religion and mankind. But if she shares her discovery with the wrong person …

For centuries, the full wealth of the St. Germain family has been behind the protection of a secret so immense, so powerful, not even Solomon St. Germain knows the extent of it.

Nicholas Alexander Carter, a descendant of the world’s most famous Egyptologist, doesn’t have to guess what Mady knows—or what she has—because he also possesses a rare piece of this archeological puzzle.

Mercilessly tracked by a terrifying old enemy, the three unite in an explosive chase through gritty streets, marble estates and underground bastions as their treasure trove of knowledge faces disclosure—or destruction.







A power so secret, even its possessor had been unaware
A prophecy so ancient, the world had long forgotten it

Eli J. Peterson has infiltrated the Illuminati, one of the world’s most secret and feared societies. Suddenly, he is a threat causing them to fear him—a threat that can’t be tolerated.

But Peterson has a secret, and a mission that will destroy the Illuminati if he can correctly follow the clues placed before him one at a time. Aiding him in this journey are the wealthy St. Germain family, along with a brilliant female archeologist, and a descendant of the world’s most famous Egyptologist. With their help, Peterson is poised to fulfill a destiny put in motion millennia before his birth.

Through museums and down into the depths of Egypt’s ancient past, to abandoned sites of long-ago castles and the mysterious hidden bosom of Besu, Peterson and his friends follow the prophecy encoded in his blood. What they discover could bring about a gift, an entire renaissance of humanity—or it might call to action an ancient Brotherhood more terrifying even than the Illuminati.







Dana Lyons’s books on Goodreads

The Rosetta Coin
The Rosetta Coin

reviews: 8

ratings: 56 (avg rating 3.64)


The Road to Babylon
The Road to Babylon

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ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.00)


Heart of the Druae
Heart of the Druae

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A Love Reborn
A Love Reborn

reviews: 3

ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.00)




Dana was chosen as a winner in the 2016 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Awards.






Seal 50 2015 Winner


Dana was chosen as a winner in the 2015 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Awards