Centuries Old Cell Phone Presents Paranormal Mystery

Centuries Old Cell Phone Presents Modern Paranormal Mystery

Last week a paranormal mystery titillated the internet when a centuries old cell phone with cuneiform writing on the touch pad was discovered by archaeologists in Austria. An article by Jon Austin, complete with photograph, was published last week by The Express, presenting us with yet another out-of-place artifact and an impossible scenario.

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Dana Lyons, author or paranormal mystery explores the impossible scenario

Whether the cell phone proves to be authentic or a hoax, there are many other instances where artifacts of a more technological time were found in ancient history. Rene Noorbergen offers multiple examples of ooparts in his book Secrets of the Lost Races. Are these artifacts all hoaxes? Is their presence a message from the past to the future? A sign of time travel? Or evidence of ancient technology?

In ‘The Rosetta Coin’, the first adventure novel in my two-part series, I use a coin bearing unearthly symbols as an oopart. Discovered in an unlikely location near the Great Pyramid, the coin brings a centuries old trail of death. But an archaeologist, undaunted by the risk, begins the search to decipher the symbols.

“I love a paranormal mystery, for within lies the impossible scenario. In regards to writing my stories, the impossible scenario is exactly where I want to send my characters. In the impossible-this-cannot-be situation, characters are completely unprepared for what they have to face. The more impossible the scenario, the deeper that character has to reach to survive and grow–completing their arc. This makes the ride all the more thrilling for the reader who is there facing the impossible scenario with the character.”

Does the paranormal intrigue you? Are you brave enough to face the impossible?

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