Female Superheroes and Romance Heroines


Female Superheroes and Romance Book Heroines


Katie Couric did an article today on the Rise of the Female Superheroes in comic books. It seems a new generation of comic book writers are following the lead set by romance authors and are creating more women superheroes.

Romance is no longer a turn-of-the-century Harlequin book. Today’s romance authors present women at their strongest, smartest, coolest, and most dynamic. Romance book authors push their heroines to the limit, testing their boundaries and revealing new strengths.

The feminine mystique will always exist because women are a conundrum. We are soft, yet we are steel, and our determination cannot be shaken. Once an idea sets in a woman’s head, there is no stopping her. She WILL find a way . . . to get her way.

Truth is, we are smart in ways men aren’t. Perhaps we have an internal connection to the ancient Mother Goddess that survives even in today’s times. Perhaps it is the ‘women’s’ intuition that guides us–but not men–and sees women through life’s challenges. I think we are different in ways far beyond the obvious anatomical and hormonal differences. I believe women have an innate and indefinable ability that eclipses men.

Being a woman is cool. You look inside and understand what you’re capable of, what you can do–and know it’s for the world to stand back–and be in awe.

As a romance book author I applaud Taylor Swift and her Chic Posse–young, rich and beautiful–these girls are discovering their power in today’s world. Just as the comic book writers are creating more women heroines, so too are today’s women taking center stage.

From behind the curtains of life’s stage, countless romance book heroines are cheering these girls on, saying, “We showed you the way!”

Dana ~ your paranormal romance book author


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