Who You Gonna’ Call? Ghostwriter!

Dana Lyons Now Ghostwriting!

Ghostwriting has been around since writing began. There has always been, and always will be, people who want their name on a book cover or document, yet don’t know how to go about it. While writing and publishing a book is an exhaustive endeavor not for the feint of heart, the first thing you must have is the idea for the book.

Many people have the story idea, but don’t know how to get it out of their head. Or they don’t know how to get it onto paper.  Or perhaps they are too famous and busy to do it themselves. Here is where a ghostwriter comes in. I just completed two ghostwriting contracts. Because of the NDA, I can’t tell you what I wrote, but I can say it was an interesting task I enjoyed. I was hired to get into the character’s heads and flesh out the details. Currently, I am ghostwriting for a NYT Best Selling author.

My next novel, a time travel romance, title to be announced, comes out July 1st at black Lyon Publishing.

Ghostwriting Multipublished author Dana Lyons

Dana Lyons Ghostwriter

When I’m not writing for myself, I am available for hire for ghostwriting projects long or short, fiction or non-fiction. I can take your outline and fill in the heart and soul of your characters. Understanding each character’s hopes and desires, their fears and worry, their passion and fatal flaw dictates how that character will react to challenge. Challenge leading to growth equals reader engagement and satisfaction. So the devil, as they say, IS in the details. Let your ghostwriter work out those details and craft the words.

Whether you’re a celebrity wanting to produce a romance novel, or a congressman writing a tell-all, a ghostwriter is what you need.

Who are you going to call?