The Hot Men of Reverse Harem Romance: ALL THAT GLITTERS

Reverse Harem ALL THAT GLITTERS Smashes the Norm for the Ultimate Satisfaction Reading.

In ALL THAT GLITTERS, a reverse harem romance, Alia and Zina lead rival shifter packs. But who are the men behind them, the shifters? Who makes love, who protects and defends, who is devoted to their pack leader?
All of them!

reverse harem paranormal romance

A shape shifter reverse harem

Raven-haired Zina reached the ruins of NYC alone. Her first mate is russet-haired Regan the hawk. He is devoted to her.

Zac is the rock star of Zina’s pack, a silver wolf with blue eyes. Eager to please, he worships her. He was her emotional rock when her son died.

Colin is cougar, all cat with green eyes. His pack mates are as important to him as Zina. Losing a mate is incomprehensible to him.

In the rival pack, blond Alia’s long-time love is Jasper, the red fox. They have been together since she came to New York alone, starving, and near giving up. They mated when young virgins.

Bear is a giant loving man with a heart as big as all outdoors. He is tall, dark and rough, but he is fiercely protective of Alia and his pack mates. You don’t want to mess with Bear.

Menon the red stag is the oldest pack mate, a care giver. He takes care of Alia, no matter her needs.

Lyall’s previous pack was ripped apart by human raiders. He is brought to Alia by Ransom. He bonds quickly with her pack.

Ransom is a mischievous little raccoon, always getting into trouble. He brings home new mates, or discovers this and that treasure when you’re not watching! He will always put a smile on your face.

Surrounded by this much love, even a post apocalyptic world has a gold lining!



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