Paranormal Adventure – The Rosetta Coin

The Rosetta Coin, a Paranormal Adventure of the Heart, Mind, and Spirit

The Rosetta Coin, a paranormal adventure, is a great example of a story no one else could write. The Rosetta Coin explores the eternal battle for the future of humanity depicting ancient powers and alien forces. Fast paced, engaging and enlightening, The Rosetta Coin is written in contemporary time with many modern elements. If you want an adventure of the heart, mind, and spirit, pick up The Rosetta Coin.
paranormal adventure romance book cover by author Dana Lyons

The Rosetta Coin revolves around an ancient artifact, a mysterious coin bearing unearthly symbols. Solving the mystery of the coin could upset all known values, challenging our origins and history. The basis for our primary religions would face their greatest challenge.

In the heart of London’s elite social scene, Madelyn Fox has an ancient artifact. If she shares her discovery with the wrong person …

For centuries, the full wealth of the St. Germain family has protected a secret so immense, so powerful, not even Solomon St. Germain understands it fully. Nicholas Alexander Carter, a descendant of the world’s most famous Egyptologist also possesses a rare piece of this archeological puzzle.

Mercilessly tracked by a terrifying ancient enemy, the three unite in a white-knuckle race for their lives. Pursued through gritty streets, marble estates, and underground bastions their treasure trove of knowledge faces an explosive disclosure—or total destruction.

The Rosetta Coin is written from the heart. Aside from the adventure and discovery in The Rosetta Coin, what’s important is the inspirational message I explore. In my heart I envision a human potential for something better, something beyond the wars and chaos that fill our world. Abandoning this legacy and establishing a new one is the big truth behind The Rosetta Coin. The paranormal adventure continues in the sequel, The Road to Babylon.

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