In my upcoming interview (June 17) with Don McCauley on The Authors Show

we discuss my two adventure novels, The Rosetta Coin and The Road to Babylon. Even though I write paranormal romance books, I also write adventure novels. I mentioned in the interview the need for heroes in today’s culture, as we have X-men, Avengers, and vampires.

Why are we so obsessed with heroes?

Because everyone wants to be a hero, and experience a super power.

But aren’t there any human heroes left?

Yes! We are all filled with the potential to be a hero, given the right circumstances. The problem is, those circumstances are usually . . . harsh, at best. Adversity IS the tried and true catalyst necessary to bring out the hero within.

That’s why a well-written paranormal romance or adventure is so satisfying.

When you read my paranormal books for adults, either romance or adventure, you experience everything that’s challenging the character as if you were right there in their head, their body, and operating from their heart and soul. I will demand more than is possible–thank goodness I demand it of my characters. And when you read what they are going through, about their hopes and fears and desires, when you cheer them on, or even cry with their pain . . . when you reach the end of a book and you’re elated, but sad to see the adventure end, one last thought may linger . . . a thought like~

Wow–I could be a hero like that.

So leave your everyday world behind and follow me to a realm of paranormal adventure, where spirituality and science combine to create a quantum level experience of a lifetime.

Dana ~ your paranormal romance book author ~ Stories No One Else Could Write

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