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Crafting Stories No One Else Could Write happens when you bring together spirituality and science. My paranormal romance novels will ask, “What’s in your heart?”

Why is that important? PS: To answer that requires a brief stop at the science desk (I promise to be brief).

Understanding how your heart runs your body is key. Your heart generates emotion, internally producing  emotion specific peptides that course through your body, establishing the tone for every cell in your body. Externally, these emotions are expressed when the heart sends out an electro-magnetic impulse specific to that emotion. This broadcast from your heart radiates out for a great distance.

Emotion is e-motion ~  energy in motion.

When emotion becomes a chemical, this is where the non-physical becomes physical–a place of energy and miracles.

Science has proven human DNA affects photons, the basic energy unit in our universe. And science has proven that an atom can be in two places at once.

Well, we are atoms and DNA. Factor in the heart as a source for miracles, and imagine the possibilities? Is time travel and reincarnation so unbelievable, given what we know?

So it becomes a little possible for a lover to communicate across time to her soul mate through the power of her love and her heart, as in Heart Of the Druae, a time travel romance.

And if emotion is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it is easy to understand that a location–such as a temple in A Love Reborn, a suspense romance–can hold the intense emotional energy from events occurring there in the ancient past–particularly a murder.

These are the paranormal romance  and adventure stories I write, and this is why I write like no one else.

Paranormal romance, where the impossible just became possible.

Time travel. Reincarnation. Passion. Power.

Take a step into adventure . . .

Dana ~ your paranormal romance book author

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