Reincarnation Romance Gives Love A Second Chance

Reincarnation Romance “A Love Reborn’ Is A Second Chance

Are second chances possible? Epic reincarnation romance ‘A Love Reborn’ illustrates the hope and thrill of second chances when the opportunity arrives to change what has happened before.

Reincarnation Romance

A Love Reborn

‘A Love Reborn’ is a modern paranormal romance thriller about ancient love, magic, and betrayal. Because love is a physical energy that comes from your heart and fills your world with a specific vibration, and, if energy cannot be destroyed and the soul is eternal, then the premise of this story–reincarnated lovers reborn and reunited to fulfill a cosmic karma and destiny–resonates with a thrilling possibility.

We all endeavor to find such a love to enrich our lives, compel our hearts, and satisfy our souls. Who doesn’t want a love that would survive the wheel of time? A love that would risk everything in their life to reunite, a love whose life is empty without that love. … a love that would die to protect you? In some circles such love is called a ‘twin flame’.

Strong emotion builds into an energy that can go either way. We know what hate creates–an ugliness that refuses to die, like with Asa Ducaine. Love does the same, creating a power that neither time nor hate can destroy.

The love between Phoenix and Max is such an eternal power. They are twin flames.

I particularly love this reincarnation romance for the rebirth both characters experience. With the realization of their history, each becomes uniquely empowered to triumph over an evil that has followed them through eons. Nothing is easy, but they follow their hearts to a finale neither could have guessed. And I would wager Asa didn’t bet on his outcome. But it all happens, as Finn says in Heart of the Druae, “One leaf at a time.”

So no cheating and reading the last pages ahead of time!

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