ALL THAT GLITTERS A shape shifter reverse harem paranormal romance

Reverse Harem paranormal romance is the hottest new genre!

Introducing my latest novel ALL THAT GLITTERS,  a  reverse harem shape shifter romance co-authored with NYT Best Selling Author Margo Bond Collins. What a thrill to work with Margo! This short novel is breaking ground in the hottest new genre in paranormal romance, the reverse harem. Added to the excitement is the post apocalyptic New York City setting and two competing packs of shape shifters led by their alpha females, Alia and Zina. The pursuit is gold, and the place to find it is the Federal Reserve. There is no shortage of adventure and sex in this tale of survival!

The reverse harem is intriguing to write. I find the shape shifter story line facilitates the development of the reverse harem psychology because it plays on the pack mentality and behavior. I love writing about these relationships where more than one man fits the woman’s needs. A radical approach!

reverse harem paranormal romance

A shape shifter reverse harem paranormal romance

The world ended. They didn’t. And now they’re in a fight for their lives.

Years ago, the elite of Earth escaped the apocalypse, taking to the stars. They expected all those left behind had perished in nuclear war and its aftermath.

But there were survivors who developed new abilities. Shape shifters and their pack-bonded mates, who communicate telepathically with the help of gold. Unfortunately, Earth’s colonies have returned in search of the gold left behind in the hasty exodus.

When pack-leader Alia’s mate is taken by a raiding ship searching for gold, she vows to get him back no matter what. Even if that means she must join forces with Zina’s pack—once her greatest rival.

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