Taylor Swift Friends are Like a Romance Novel

Taylor Swift and her Posse of Friends are Real Life Paranormal Romance Characters

As a paranormal romance book author I write about powerful, beautiful women changing their world and living life with gusto and determination. The female traits I bring to my characters are represented in a recent event I call “The Rise of the Chick Posse”. I refer to Taylor Swift, who has in recent weeks shared her stage with a collection of the most popular and beautiful names in today’s headlines: Kendal, Karlie, Gigi, Holly, Cara and Serena, just to name a few.

These young women are visually stunning, fashionable, rich, talented, and bigger than life. When paranormal romance book authors create characters such as these women, we are reminded our characters are just fictional, not real. I disagree. I say they are real. I say fiction, even paranormal romance, is the little lie that tells the big truth. Such dynamic and powerful women are as real in life as they are in my fiction.

Women are underestimated throughout history. We are considered small and frail, even weak and vulnerable. Talent and recognition of brains is bestowed grudgingly; we are meant to be pretty. The truth is, women are incredible and those who think we are weak and vulnerable are in for a surprise. Example? Ask Apple if Taylor Swift is a pushover.

A posse is by definition a group called by a Sheriff for law enforcement.

A new Sheriff is in town and I like her. She means business. She and her posse will not be denied, their message is clear: beauty, wealth, brains and talent, whether on the stage at Hyde Park, or on the pages of a paranormal romance book, are on the rise and here to stay!

So stand back . . . chick posse coming through!

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