Time Travel Presents Unique Opportunity

Exploring Time Travel In ‘Heart Of The Druae’

In a recent article by Rachel Donoghue published in the UK Daily Star, a photo supposedly taken in 1917 shows a modern-dressed “surfer dude” sitting on the beach alongside people dressed very differently. Is this evidence of time travel? Many people believe so.

We love the concept of time travel. Books, movies and television have presented the concept in wildly different ways. Is there a special ship; is the travel planned or an accident; are the travelers lost or searching for something; are the travelers out to change history? There are endless reasons to time travel, many high concept concerning a life and death situation. Humanity loves the possibility of second chances. Learning from our mistakes is an important theme in our lives; great satisfaction comes from being able to create positive changes.

“We want the surfer dude to be exactly that – a time traveler and not a Photoshop caricature. Human nature loves the ‘do-over’ option. Whether it comes through time travel or via reincarnation, the idea titillates us with limitless possibility. What would you do differently to change the events in your life? How far would you go to change events in the lives of millions? Something within us believes this is very possible; all that’s missing is for us to figure out how.

Time Travel Romance

Time Travel novel by Dana Lyons

“I utilize time travel in my first adventure romance, ‘Heart of the Druae’. In this particular adventure romance, the event required no special ship and is unexpected in the traveler’s life. For a man who believes in science, he is drawn into an extraordinary event powered by the strongest human emotion, love. Aided by a perfect alignment in time and space, this traveler comes face-to-face with his greatest challenge — an impossible destiny.”



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